Ujung Kulon National Park

Ujung Kulon National Park

Located in the westernmost region of Java Island, Banten is one of the provinces that holds a lot of stunning natural charm, you can see how Tanjung Lesung always captivates tourists to come there, and also Baduy Village which is never empty visited by world tourists who want to feel  live there, and blend in with nature, art and culture.

However, it is not only Tanjung Lesung or Baduy Village, because Banten also has the oldest national park in Indonesia, namely Ujung Kulon National Park (The Tip of The Kulon National Park). In fact, this national park is also included in one of the UNESCO World Heritage.

With an area of ??122,956 hectares, Ujung Kulon National Park was originally an agricultural area.  However, the area was destroyed when Mount Krakatoa erupted on August 27, 1883 and turned it back into forest.

Today, Ujung Kulon National Park is known as a protected forest and is home to wild animals such as the very rare Javan rhino.  Then, in addition to being a nature conservation area and a center for research and animal protection, Ujung Kulon National Park has also been developed as an attractive wildlife tourism destination. When you visit the Ujung Kulon National Park, you will surely be welcomed by the name Peucang Island. Here is a boat dock coming from the village of Sumur, the advantage of this island is the sea water which is colored tosca green, so it will certainly make everyone who sees it want to swim, and in this place we can see protected wild animals hanging around while being able to interact  with them. Such as deer, monkeys, some monitor lizards, wild boar and chirping some rare bird species.  This adds to the exotic impression of the island of + – 3 hectares.

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Not far from Peucang Island, you can enjoy the atmosphere of African savanna, wild animals such as deer, mouse deer, wild boar, Green Peacock and even the Bull gather in this area called Cidaon Shepherd Field (Padang Penggembalaan Cidaon), but you are not allowed to be too long and much deeper to  explore this place because the area is a habitat for predators like : Leopards, Forest Dogs, Clouded Leopards, Civet and Forest Cats, and some rumors also say there are still remaining Java Tigers living in the area.

Around Ujung Kulon National Park there are other islands that you can also explore, the name is Handeleum Island, here the crew from the Java Private Tour will provide a boat for you to explore the Cigenter River and enjoy the tropical rain forest, while doing this activity, you are guaranteed to remember with the Amazon Forest in Brazil. The last exploration is Badul Island which is very popular with its rich marine life, here you will find many coral reefs and beautiful marine animals, one of which is the Clown Fish, which is like in the movie Finding Nemo, however, to see the beauty below This sea, you have to swim about 25 meters first, the reason is because the ship cannot approach the coral reef area, but don't worry during this exploration and diving you will be accompanied by a professional crew from the Java Private Tour.

It's really beautiful, this nature adventure tour in Banten. But you also need to remember that Ujung Kulon National Park is the natural habitat of the animals that live in it, and some of them are very protected even endangered. We are obliged and aware that we will always maintain the cleanliness and purity of nature. So, don't litter the national park by littering or disturbing animals when you visit there.

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Exploring the Ujung Kulon Peninsula Following the Footprints of the Javan Rhino with Java Private Tour. Exploring the Western Tip of Java Island by walking along the Shoreline, then entering Tropical Forests and Lowlands on the Coast of Java, seeing Tropical Animals and various Endemic Plants.


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