Timang Beach Experience

Timang Beach Experience

Crossing the Rogue WaveAdventure Under the Tropical Sun of Yogyakarta Full Day Private Tour

The vision and mission of the Java Private Tour is to find a hidden paradise, and to introduce the unique nature of Java and Bali, so that it can be known internationally. Timang Beach is one of the many tourist beaches in Yogyakarta. The name may not be too popular among tourists, tourists can be said to be more familiar with Indrayanti beach or Nglambor beach, but in terms of tourist attractions the Java Private Tour ensures that this beach is very hypnotizing, especially its gondola rides that will stimulate your adrenaline, Crossing the Rogue Wave Adventure Under the Tropical Sun of Yogyakarta Full Day Private Tour : "The sun is shining brightly, it's time to challenge your guts and go on an adventurous journey.  You can choose between swing bridge or gondola to cross the sea and travel to Timang island, after all this challenging and adrenaline filled activity, take a moment to relax by the beach and watch the sunset". The following Java Private Tour will review it for you, which you can make a reference as your Java-Bali adventure plan.
This beach is located in the Gunung Kidul district of Central Java, Yogyakarta. Its location is quite difficult to reach, making this beach rarely visited by tourists. Even now, to really get to Timang Beach, you have to struggle through the steep road.  But do not worry, this will not hinder your adventure plan, because currently available services from the Java Private Tour that will support your adventure, the Java Private Tour Jeep Adventure, with all-terrain vehicles and 4 wheel drive, we will accompany and arrange  all your adventures in Timang Beach.
Initially this beach was only used by fishermen to hunt fish and lobsters hiding in a large rock in the middle of the beach. The rock is named Timang Island.  Although not like an island which is usually in the form of land, and because of its existence is quite iconic because of its large size making the rock is called an island by residents around, and the biggest attraction is the existence of a traditional gondola which from the past until now is used as a means of transportation for fishermen to transport their fishing products from Timang Island to Timang Beach.
Although better known for its coral islands and gondola rides, Timang Beach certainly also has an attraction in terms of beauty, activities such as a walk on the beach to enjoy the sunset and photo hunting can still be done on this beach. To warm up before riding on the gondala, you can try to climb the suspension bridge made of wood along 100 meters, this bridge is one that connects the coast of Timang and Timang Island, You will feel a tense sensation when you set foot on this bridge, adrenaline will race when stepping foot step by step down the bridge to the island of Timang, plus the roar of ferocious waves below you will also make the heart pounding thumping along walking on the bridge. It will truly be an unforgettable experience. But don't worry, your security will be maintained because the right and left sides of this bridge are equipped with a protective rope that is very strong and is in accordance with international standards.
You will feel the peak of tension when riding the gondola in Timang Island. Just like a suspension bridge, this gondola also has a track as far as 100 meters. But what makes this gondola unique is that it looks very traditional, does not use iron and machinery, the gondola trajectory is made using a rope that is very strong and driven using human power. Besides being a favorite vehicle for tourists, this gondola is also a means of transportation for fishermen to and from the island of Timang. This traditional gondola has a height of about 11 meters from the surface of the water.
After you struggle against fear while crossing a gondola or a suspension bridge, it is on this coral island that we can rest to relieve tension. In addition to its quite iconic coral island, there is also a lot of things we can do, for example as photo spots, fishing spots, up to strategic spots to enjoy the beauty of Timang Beach. From the beginning until now Timang Beach is still a promising place to hunt fish, if you like fishing, then bring fishing and throwing bait on this beach is a good idea, because here there is also a fishing spot that contains a lot of big fishes and at the same time lobster. if there is already full of other anglers, you can go with the fishermen to another fishing spot on this beach, of course also with a crew from the Java Private Tour who will also guide you to explore every corner of this beach.
Then as a closing tour of your visit to Timang Beach, Java Private Tour will invite you to hunt for culinary specialties of the beach, although relatively quieter than other beaches, but in the Timang Beach there are several places that provide delicious menus typical of the beach, the main menu  is processed lobster plus warm white rice and Javanese chili sauce that is very appetizing.
Want to get to know more closely the nature of Java and Bali, then plan your adventure with the Java Private Tour, then you will get to know the true meaning of Java and Bali.

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