Buniayu Cave

Buniayu Cave

Sukabumi is a city name in West Java. There is one cave that is known to be exotic in this city, which is called Cipicung Cave, which is due to its location in the village area of ??Cipicung Sukabumi, West Java. Some of the local people call it the Demon Cave. But after the cave was handed over to the Indonesian State Forest Company (Perhutani), the name of the cave was changed to Goa Buniayu. Of the many caves in the West Java region, Buniayu Cave is preferred by international tourists because of the beauty of the cave and the natural ornaments in the cave.  This cave is located in the city of Sukabumi, West Java.

By exploring the Buniayu Cave you can enjoy a different atmosphere. For example, enjoying stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, gourdams, and other cave ornaments. This will give a different impression when you enjoy its natural beauty. Buniayu means hidden beauty, and comes from the word "Buni" which means "hidden" and "Ayu" which means "beautiful".

Adventure with Java Private Tour in Buniayu Cave is a combination of exploring the cave horizontally and vertically horizontally which ends with rappeling at the Bibijilan Waterfall. Along the way, the cave ornaments are beautiful in the form of spear-shaped stalactites, stalagmites hanging above the stalactites, flow stones that are like frozen waterfalls, columns shaped like pillars that originally were stalactites and stalagmites that have fused together, drapery shaped like a shark, gourdam in the shape of a dome with a surface resembling a rice field plot, and a canopy shaped like an umbrella, and also various biota in the cave we will also encounter such as bats, snakes, spiders, crickets, shrimp, and many more.

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One of the most interesting things is when exploring the cave by experiencing firsthand how the sensation of eternal darkness.  Here, you will be asked to turn off all lighting tools. Instantly, complete darkness will envelop you. This is often used as a moment for travelers to reflect and reflect on themselves.

Buniayu Cave is located at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level and there is a waterfall called Bibijilan Water, this waterfall is often used for bathing and cleaning by adventurers after doing caving in Buniayu Cave, This Bibijilan Waterfall comes from a river in the Buniayu Cave, because the water discharge is quite stable, the people of Buniayu village also use it as a source of clean water.

For those of you who want to experience being in the bowels of the earth which is full of ornate rocks that have formed naturally over thousands of years, exploring Buniayu Caves with Java Private Tour is the answer.  The sensation, challenge, and beauty of the ornament will become an exciting story and an unforgettable experience.

There are two types of adventures that you can do in this cave:

1. Tracing the cave in general, You will enter a cave that is approximately 500 meters deep.  In this walkthrough, you don't need special equipment. It is enough to use anti-slip shoes and clothes that are comfortable to wear.

2. Professional cave exploration,
You need special equipment, including a helmet, gloves, boots, waterproof wear packs, and other equipment. The equipment will be prepared directly by Java Private Tour and also from the management of Buniayu Cave which has collaborated with Java Private Tour.

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The sensation of caving in Buniayu Cave is knowing no time.  As long as you are in the cave, you will not be able to tell the difference between day and night.  And you can also enter this cave at night and come out in the morning.

History of Buniayu Cave.
Previously, this cave was managed by the Indonesian State Forest Company (Perhutani). However, now there are private operators who professionally manage, one of which is the Java Private Tour. The search and mapping of Buniayu Cave was carried out for the first time in 1982 by an Indonesian speleogenesis (the study of caves including their manufacturing process, physical structure, history and biological aspects), namely a man named Dr. R.K.T Kho and along with several other experts who are French nationals.

Until now, 7 caves have been found that have been successfully mapped in the Buniayu Cave area.  The beauty of Buniayu Cave makes it much in demand by international tourists because the place and atmosphere are more attractive and have different characteristics than other caves.

Hunting Photography.
If you want to capture your moments of adventure here, you can bring photography equipment. You can also hunt for photos with the location of the beauty and naturalness of this attractive Buniayu Cave.

Be careful and don't damage the beauty of the cave which was created by natural processes thousands of years ago. If you meet a unique ornament here, try not to step on, climb and even take photos from the top of the cave because this can destroy the micro gourdam formation of the cave walls.

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Tips from the Java Private Tour.
Personal preparation, determine the right schedule on the sidelines of your busy life, leave early to avoid and minimize the traffic conditions that are always jammed along the Jakarta-Sukabumi route. Bringing more clothes is also highly recommended because of course you will get wet with the water in the cave, so don't forget to bring extra clothes so you don't run out of clothes while there.

Physical conditions also affect your trip, so prepare everything carefully, it is highly recommended to order a Java Private Tour service for guides, accommodation and transportation in advance, and don't forget to comply with health protocols related to Covid19 and orders from your guide.

If you are interested in exploring this unique Buniayu Cave, it is highly recommended not to litter.  The uniqueness of this cave is one of Indonesia's wealth that we should protect and preserve together.




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