Krakatoa Mountain Experience

Krakatoa Mountain Experience

In 1883, this volcano became one of the most ferocious volcanic eruptions ever known to occur in the Sunda Strait, precisely off the west coast of Java, thus causing the splitting of the island of Krakatoa and causing huge clouds of dust and tsunamis which left tens of thousands of people dead. Waves as high as an 8-story building drove at over 500mph across the ocean, until finally reaching South Africa and New Zealand.

At present, the island is quiet and barren, but makes a very interesting trip from Jakarta. More interesting than the remains of a dead volcano are its more active descendants, the Anak Krakatau, which have slowly risen from the depths since the 1930s, and until now still periodically spewed liquid lava. Volcanic activity is still common and possible, but you can climb to the edge of the caldera to enjoy the incredible views of the surrounding islands.

Besides being legendary, Krakatoa can also be a tourist destination with beautiful panoramas and challenging terrain, there are some exciting activities you can do, including:

Seen up close and from a distance, the nature of the Krakatoa Islands and the surrounding ocean is very charming. Krakatoa can be witnessed from the southern side of Sumatra Island or the western side of Java Island. Krakatoa can also be seen from Sebesi Island or Sebuku which is 10 miles from Krakatoa. Seeing the blue sky and clear bluish green sea water will make you feel at home for long on the uninhabited Sebuku island.  Here there is only forest surrounded by white sandy beaches. Ecotourism exploring the Krakatoa Islands can also challenge adrenaline. When you are sailing or on the mainland of Krakatoa, you might be surprised by the sudden shock. The shock comes from the volcanic activity of Mount Krakatoa. Very interesting!. As you explore the island, you can observe its natural wealth. The Krakatoa Islands have important geological, biological and volcanological fields for research, the extraordinary volcanic scenery and activity of the islands is something you must witness.

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Hiking in Anak Krakatoa,
Do you want to try something more challenging? You can try hiking with the Java Private Tour at Anak Krakatoa Mountain.  Climbing to the peak is not too far away, only about 300 meters.  Before climbing, it's a good idea to anticipate hot weather with comfortable clothes and hats. Comfortable shoes are also needed because the climbing terrain is very gritty. When you reach the top or at least on the slopes, you will enjoy the results of your efforts during the climb, the beauty of the other islands around Mount Anak Krakatoa, namely Rakata Island, Sertung Island, and Panjang Island are very charming, especially the scenery is obtained with difficulty.

Camping at Anak Krakatoa Mountain,
After hiking, you can enjoy the panoramic beauty of Krakatoa by camping. Camping activity in Krakatoa is indeed for you who are truly adventurous. Aside from Krakatoa often spewing hot lava, the climbing terrain is also heavy because the land is always filled with sand, rocks and fallen trees. If you are inexperienced, it is strongly recommended that you invite an experienced friend, or join a tour package where there is a very experienced guide to accompany you, one of them is Java Private Tour, a professional tour guide who at the same time can be an exciting friend to be invited to adventure together.  Java Private Tour can arrange all your needs for adventure for those of you who want to feel the sensation of camping at Anak Krakatoa Mountain, Java Private Tour will provide tents and all equipment, professional guides, accommodation, transportation and logistics.

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Diving and Snorkling,
Is an activity that you must also try. Diving in the Krakatoa Islands is a very popular activity. Its underwater wealth invited divers from all over the world. In its waters there are millions of sea fish that live freely and beautiful coral reefs, which are very well preserved. If you are lucky, you can see the habitat of dolphins, green turtles, rare blue marlin fish, and various other rare fish such as seahorses, napoleon fish, and hawksbill turtles.

If you don't have a diving certificate?. Do not worry, because together with the Java Private Tour will ensure that your snorkeling activities can still be done and of course with supervision from our professional crew. Umang Umang Island and Lagoon Chillies on Rakata Island which are amazingly beautiful snorkeling spots. Only in depths of 2 to 6 meters, you can see coral reefs with various fish including clown fish (nemo) hiding between anemones.


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