Surfing on the South Coast in West Java

Surfing on the South Coast in West Java
Surf spots in Pangandaran, West Java, which are loved by foreign surfers are on three different beaches. The surf spots are located on Pangandaran Beach, Batukaras Beach and Madasari Beach, and each of these beaches has more than one spot on offer.  At each spot has different terrain and challenges, Pangandaran Regency has a coastline length of about 91 km.  Along the beach there are several surfing spots that are popular with surfers.  In fact, there are many world surfers who also try out the ferocious waves of the south coast in West Java, the following Java Private Tour will review it for you. And the Java Private Tour recommends it as a very interesting destination for your adventure.
On Pangandaran Beach in Pangandaran District, Pangandaran Regency, there are several spots for surfing. Among them are the West Coast, the Bulak Setra Beach, the Batu Mandi Pasir Putih block and the Batu Layar block located in the East White Sand area.
Bulak Setra Beach is located in the East Coast area of ??Pangandaran or its location is adjacent to the Cikidang Fishing Port. This beach was chosen as one of the surfing spots in Pangandaran because there is a break water, so that the waves swerve irregularly and not too wild. For beginners, surfers should practice surfing on Bulak Setra beach. Because with waves that are not too wild, not too high risk of having an accident or drowning due to being dragged by the waves. This beach is also a strategic location or in the tourist area of ??East Coast Pangandaran.  That way, the surfers don't have to bother taking long trips. In addition, being on this beach can be while traveling with family.  Because it is close to mangrove forests, nature reserves and the west coast of Pangandaran which is the center of the crowd in the tourist attraction. Your family can also enjoy the banana boat game located on the East Coast. In the morning you can enjoy the sunrise from along the east coast. For lodging, you don't need to worry. Because Bulak Setra beach is very close to Pangandaran city center. And adjacent to the hotel and lodging area that lined up along the east coast area of ??Pangandaran.   
On the West Coast of Pangandaran or Bulak Beach Sea the type of waves are known as beach breaks or longitudinal waves. The arrival of the beach breaks this season around August and September. These types of waves are popular with surfers.
While the surfing spot in the Batu Mandi block is located in Pasir Putih Pangandaran, its location is hidden behind a forest of a Nature Reserve. To get to this location, you have to enter from the entrance of the Pananjung Nature Reserve and walk about 10 minutes. But at Batu Mandi's surfing spots are not recommended for beginner surfers. Because the waves here are too fierce and can endanger the surfer if not too proficient.
While in Batukaras Pangandaran Beach or located in Batukaras Village, Cijulang District, there are some interesting surfing spots.  Even in the beach surfing community this can be considered as a favorite place compared to other surfing spots in Pangandaran. Surfing spots on Batukaras Beach are in the blocks of Bulak Pendak, Legok Pari and Karang. The three surfing spots become surfers' favorite. The Bulak Pendak block is used by professional surfers. The waves are tall and long very suitable for conquest by professionals.  However, to reach Bulak Pendak, surfers must use boats that are widely rented on the beach. For beginners, Legok Pari is a great place to start learning surfing. This surfing spot is quite popular.  Because the waves are not so high, it's safe for those who start learning to surf.
For surfers who want to try surfing spots on Batukaras Beach can enjoy it while traveling with family. Because in Batukaras Beach there is also a swimming area that is very safe for visitors.  Facilities at Batukaras Beach are also very complete, ranging from lodging or hotels, restaurants, cafes, transportation and ATMs.
There are other spots on Batukaras Beach that are interesting to be tested by surfers.  The spot is located in the Karang block or local residents call it the Sangyangkalang Beach area.  However, surfing in the Karang block can only be done when the sea water is experiencing high tide. If it's low tide, the beach in Karang block is only suitable as a place to swim.
At Madasari Beach to Legok Jawa Beach there are several surfing spots that are targeted by world surfers with extreme categories or for professional surfers.  Because, the waves on the two beaches were quite fierce and the waves were wild. Even so, these two beaches have long been used as surfing spots. However, it must be ensured that people who are already proficient and accustomed to surfing in the wild waves are quite fierce. For beginner surfers, not recommended. Because if you are less skilled and not accustomed to dealing with waves on the high seas, the waves are wild, certainly risking being dragged by the waves and sinking. Unless accompanied by professional surfers. But even that must be assisted with a buoy safety device. Madasari Beach is one of the famous spots for surfing in Pangandaran, and is very popular with professional surfers from various parts of the world. That is why in 2016, at this beach an international surfing championship was held titled "Rip Curl Gromsearch Series 2". The event was held with the aim of introducing that in Indonesia new surf spots were found specifically devoted to professional surfers. So no wonder after the event was held, this beach is often used to practice by professional surfers, both from within the country and abroad. Madasari Pangandaran Beach has long been designated as a tourist attraction. However, this beach is not the place to swim. Because, this beach is directly facing the open sea or not protected by the bay. 

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