Lizard Satay

Lizard Satay, Bandung

Reptiles that live in swamps are used as extreme food for some Javanese. Usually monitor lizards (biawak) will be processed into satay, or "Tongseng" (called curry with spices that are "sharper", the more obvious difference is in the use of meat, tongseng is made using meat that is still attached to bones, especially ribs and spine) suit one's taste.
Lizard meat satay sold along stalls in the ranks of roasted corn traders located on the Lembang and Tangkuban Perahu Bandung West Java. Lizard meat which is believed to increase vitality is sought after by extreme culinary connoisseurs in Bandung, and some people believe if the monitor lizard can cure various skin diseases and asthma, and also to warm the body.
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