Pindul Cave Experience

Pindul Cave Experience

After I told you about the beauty and challenges of exploring Timang Beach in a previous destination, the Java Private Tour will review one place that is still in the Yogyakarta area, which of course also offers exotic views, which will take you into the bowels of the land of Java, namely Pindul Cave.

This Pindul Cave is located in Yogyakarta Province, Bejiharjo Village Mount Kidul Regency Central Of Java, here we can feel the sensation of tracing the river under the bowels of the earth. This cave has a length of 350 meters with a width of up to 5 meters. The distance between the surface of the water and the roof of the cave reaches 4 meters. This cave was inaugurated on October 10, 2010. The beauty of the side of the cave coupled with a blend of bat wing beats, adds to the exoticism of this place.

You can use the tires that have been provided by Java Private Tour when you want to explore this Cave. At the time of entering the mouth of the cave, we will be confronted by a giant pillar formed by the process of meeting stalactites and stalagmites that reach thousands of years old. In this cave too, there is a stalactite which has been named as the 4th largest stalactite in the world. Cold river currents will lead you to travel through the cave which takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

This cave is divided into 3 zones : The Bright, Dim and Dark Zones. Adrenaline will be tested when arriving in the dark zone. The dampness of the cave merges with the darkness and the sound of the bat’s passing, making us really feel the true feel of nature. There is one interesting room in the cave, where there is a room that is wide enough to be shaped like a pond. Above, there is a gap so that sunlight can enter the corner of the cave. You can swim and try to feel the sensation of jumping from the top of the cave. Not only save the beauty of crystal stones and stalactites, but this cave also saves legendary myths. It is said that, if you are a woman, and you are exposed to stalactite water drops, then you will be young all the time. Whereas if you are a man, then you can improve your sexual vitality!!, I’m afraid Viagra won’t sell in the market if all the men get stalactite water drops in this cave :)

Regarding whether or not the truth about the myth, it still does not reduce the aura of the beauty of heaven under the bowels of this earth. At the end of the trip along the river at the end of the mouth of the cave, we will be greeted with views of the Banyumoto Dam which was built since the Dutch era with a background of Karst Hills.


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