Ciletuh Geopark

Ciletuh Geopark, Sukabumi

Tourist destinations at Ciletuh Geopark are specifically for adventurers, challenge seekers, nature lovers, and for those of you who like road trips, tourist destinations at Ciletuh Geopark do show special natural charm, which makes the phrase "Indonesia is a hidden paradise on earth". Ciletuh Geopark is an area management concept that harmonizes geological, biological and cultural diversity through the principles of conservation, education and sustainable development.

The Ciletuh Geopark has an area of ​​128 thousand hectares, covering eight sub-districts in the Sukabumi area of ​​West Java.  The Ciletuh Geopark has also been recognized by UNESCO as a Global Geopark because of the extraordinary geological heritage in it and there is also biodiversity and culture, and has a very special natural landscape.  Natural and beautiful nature is also an attraction that you should not miss.

Because of the features offered, which ultimately attracted the interest of many international travelers, and the most interesting thing is that many tourist destinations in the Ciletuh Geopark have not been touched by technology, aka they are still natural and very impressive. The plateau, with its meandering, horseshoe like landscape includes several nature reserves.  Among them: Nature Parks, Nature Reserves and Wildlife Areas.

Ciletuh Pelabuhan Ratu Geopark has a landscape of plateau plains in the shape of a horseshoe and meandering. The horseshoe shape opens from the sea, which is formed due to geological processes. The beauty of this amphitheater can be seen when you take a road trip with the Java Private Tour, which always passes through several route points, namely: Mekarsakti, Panenjoan, Pamoyanan, Cikalapa, Cikara and Girimukti.

The price of admission to the Ciletuh Geopark.
To enter this tourist area is not subject to any admission fee.  In this earth park there are several tourist objects. Even then, in general it is still free, but some of them have set admission fee, but very cheap, even for international tourists only tens of thousands of rupiah are charged.

Ciletuh Geopark Opening Hours.
This tourist area is always open because it is a natural tourist area.  Meanwhile, the safest and most comfortable time to visit is from morning to evening (06.00am - 05.00pm).

The attraction of the Ciletuh Geopark.
This Ciletuh Earth Park area has a variety of natural resources that are very potential as a tourist attraction. Starting from waterfalls, nature reserves, small islands, geological and biological diversity and culture. The Ciletuh Pelabuhan Ratu Geopark area which has an area of ​​126,100 and has many waterfalls that you can visit, there are 8 waterfalls including:

Luhur Waterfall (Curug Cigangsa) is at a cliff height of more than 100 m, the specialty is that you can see the view of the rainbow that appears under the waterfall.

Puncak Jeruk Waterfall is in the Ciletuh River, Mekarjaya. This waterfall is very wide and has 2 levels, top and bottom.

Cikaret Waterfall located on the Cikaret River, Mekarjaya. This is one waterfall that is quite hidden.

Puncak Manik Waterfall This waterfall is located in the Ciletuh river which borders the Tamanjaya and Cibenda villages.  This waterfall is located only 600 meters from the Tengah Waterfall.

Tengah Waterfall is approximately 200 m from Awang Waterfall and is in the Ciletuh River. Visitors can swim in the small lake in the Tengah Waterfall.

Awang Waterfall is in the Ciletuh river, Tamanjaya. This waterfall has a width of 60 meters and a height of about 40 meters. The characteristic of this waterfall is that it has natural stone walls that are reddish brown in color.

Cikanteh Waterfall Located in Ciwaru Village. You need to do trekking and walk along the rocks, then have an adventure across the river to get to this Cikanteh Waterfall.

Sodong Waterfall is in Ciwaru village and this is the most accessible waterfall.  Also known as Penganten Waterfall or Kembar Waterfall.

Cimarinjung Waterfall located in Ciemas Village and close to Palangpang beach. This waterfall can be seen directly from the entrance to the Ciletuh Geopark area, which surrounds a stretch of rice fields.

Sea Caves.
In the Ciletuh Geopark area, there are sea caves that were formed due to sea waves attacking the weak zone. Sand and rock from the waves create additional erosion processes on the cave walls. In this geopark there are 2 sea caves, namely Kunti Cave and Sodongparat Cave.

Small Island Cluster.
In Ciletuh Geopark there are 4 small islands with very unique charm. The islands were formed due to erosion and aberration processes. To get to the island, you need a boat for rent on Palangpang Beach, and depart from Palangpang Beach. The rental price is quite cheap, even the Java Private Tour crew can help you negotiate boat rental prices with local fishermen around.

Karang Daeu Island, This island is in the coastal area of ​​Cikalapa, Girimukti village. Uniquely, this small island resembles a lying poodle or a crouching rabbit. To get here you can use a boat from Palangpang beach which is only about 5 minutes away. But you can also walk when the sea water is receding.

Mandra Island, has an area of ​​less than 1 km2 and is in the village of Mandrayan. To get to this island you can use a boat from the mouth of the Ciletuh River. You can even fishing together with local residents.

Manuk Island has an area of ​​only 200 m2, and the island is inhabited by seagulls, and also this island is in the village of Mandrayan filled with rocks.

Kunti Island is at the western end of Mount Badak, Mandrajaya.  Can be reached from Cikadal Beach which is approximately 25 minutes, or if departing from Muara Ciletuh only about 10 minutes by boat.

Wide selection of Beaches.
The beach in the Ciletuh Geopark area has a fairly wide coastline, white sand and sloping. Some beaches have coral reefs, rocks and sea waves that are dangerous for boats to land. While some of them are very safe for visitors, one of which is the Ombak Tujuh Beach which is safe for swimming, or even surfing.

Some beaches in the Ciletuh geopark that can be used as a reference for your vacation include: Ombak Tujuh Beach, Batununggul Beach, Cibulakan Beach, Cikalapa Beach, Palangpang Beach,Ujung Genteng Beach, Citirem Beach, Sodong Parat Beach, Cikepuh Beach, Legon Pandan Beach, Cikadal Beach.

The Ciletuh Geopark has a Cisolok Geyser that ejects steam upwards and there is only 1 in Indonesia.  sprayed water vapor can reach 2-5 meters.  No wonder many tourists, both local and foreign, come to see this natural phenomenon.

Are you interested in exploring the natural wealth and extraordinary panoramas displayed at the Ciletuh Geopark with the Java Private Tour?




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