Mount Prau Experience

Mount Prau Experience, Wonosobo

Java Island is blessed with a number of beautiful mountains with beautiful views. One of them, is Mount Prau, which has an altitude of 2,565 meters above sea level located in the Dieng Plateau region, Central Java, from its peak presents a beautiful panorama with Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing standing proudly around it. On Mount Prau you can find many Daisy flowers that grow beautifully with a variety of colors, and there is also an arrangement of hills which are often called teletubies hills.
A pleasure when you wake up from sleep and then stare at the expanse of clouds and mountain panorama lining before our eyes, what a wonderful masterpiece of God!. There is a feeling of full happiness in the heart, so beautiful the charm of this country, sitting in front of the tent peak of Mount Prau, as if finding the country on a real cloud. Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing stood proudly alongside Mount Prau among the wisps of clouds that rolled like white cotton. Mount Prau or often also called Mount Prahu has an altitude of 2,565 meters above sea level located in the Dieng Plateau region, Central Java. Located among three districts, namely Batang, Kendal, and Wonosobo Regencies. The peak of Mount Prau is a vast grassland that extends from west to east.  Small hills and savanna, can be found in the peak area.
So far there are 3 Mount Prau climbing posts which are quite well known among climbers, including the hiking trail via Patak Banteng, it can be said that this is the climbing route that is often chosen by climbers. The reason is because this path is very short and quickly reaches the top.  However, the climbing area of ​​Patak Banteng is quite heavy and you have to prepare your stamina well. Next there is the climbing route via Dieng, the terrain to be traveled is more friendly because it is quite gentle but the distance will be longer, however, the scenery is very beautiful. Generally climbers who choose this route because at the same time traveled to other Dieng destinations. In addition there is a pathway via Wates Village which is still very beautiful, compared to other paths, this area is not too many climbers who pass, maybe because it is a bit far, even this route is further from the Dieng route, and turning, because the village of Wates is located at the northern part of Mount Prau, precisely in Wonoboyo sub-district, Temanggung district, Central Java.
At the beginning of the trip, you will be presented with a view of the vast size of the plantation fields owned by residents.  Amazed to see plants that thrive and fresh there could be because the soil is loose and the air around so cool to accompany your trip. Entering post 1 is the vegetation boundary between the people's fields and the forest area, the Java Private Tour team always takes the right route after entering post 1 to arrive at post 2. Before entering Pos 2, the terrain to turn into clay, but the road is quite safe because it still feels sloping. Rows of pine trees towered along the way. Arriving at Pos 2 or also called "Semendung" post, the road will feel more uphill than before, the view is still in the form of rows of pine trees with tree roots that arise to the ground and is quite helpful for footing. The journey from Pos 3 or commonly called Pos Nganjir, the road terrain began to be rather steep and narrow. In some parts even the tilt angle reaches up to 50 degrees, and you will pass the top of the transmitter.
Your trip will be more beautiful if you can watch the sunset, after passing the peak of the transmitter you will go down a path that is a bit rocky, and that's when dusk starts dawning. In the midst of tired steps, there is a sense of happiness to see the sunset that shines so beautiful. After passing through a vast meadow and crossing a ridge of hills, then you arrive at the top of Prau. Mount Prau is famous for its beautiful spots. Between the daisy and the teletubbies. Unlike mountains in general in Indonesia, in the Prau Mountains you will not find Edelweis trees, but daisy flowers grow so well and look beautiful. Mount Prau Teletubies Hill is also very impressive, on this hill it looks very exotic with the expanse of green hills. Understanding mountain climbing is not about conquering nature, but conquering oneself with a high ego, learning to understand the meaning of life from the process of traveling to the summit. Learn to understand how to love God's created nature.
A dream trip doesn't only need a plan or intention, but more important than that is how to make it happen. Plan your adventure with the Java Private Tour, then you will understand the real nature of Java.

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