Mount Gede & Pangrango National Park Experience

Mount Gede & Pangrango National Park Experience, Bogor

Mount Gede Pangrango is one of the mountains in Indonesia which is now also famous as one of the National Parks, which means, this mountain range is one of the protected forest areas in the West Java region which is internationally famous.

Many climbers who call it a twin mountain, because it is located side by side, although it has a high difference, Mount Gede 2995 masl, Mount Pangrango 3.019 masl.  Both of these mountains are a favorite of international climbers, especially because of the existence of "Alun-Alun Surya Kencana" and the Mandalawangi Valley that are so romantic with expanses of edelweiss flowers. 
Mount Gede Pangrango National Park which has an area of ​​24,270.80 hectares not only includes Mount Gede and Pangrango, but also includes mountain forest areas in Situ Gunung and Salabintana areas. Besides being diverse with the existence of wild animals, it is said that in this area also roam wild rhino, as evidenced by the discovery of many paths of Javan rhinos here. That's why there is a post called "Kandang Badak" (rhino cage) at an elevated position (2,400 masl), on the hiking trail of Mount Gede. This rhino cage is a mountain ridge like area that connects Mount Gede Peak and Mount Pangrango Peak.
The valley between the summit of Mount Gede and Mount Pangrango is a sub alpine savanna grassland named "Alun-Alun Surya Kencana". Here grows several types of grass, ferns, a type of mountain plant, and Javanese edelweiss which are very well known, Mount Gede Pangrango has entered or become a National Park area, named Mount Gede Pangrango National Park, and is one of the five national parks that were first announced in Indonesia from 1980, This mountain has many hiking trails, because Mount Gede Pangrango is located in three districts at once, namely Bogor Regency, Cianjur Regency, and Sukabumi Regency. And just information for you, that is not an adventurer from Indonesia who is the first climber of this mountain, but the first mountaineer was a German citizen named Reinward in 1819 in April, and he was also the founder of the Bogor Botanical Gardens.
The next interesting thing is Mount Gede Pangrango and the entire national park area has also been established by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve in 1977. This determination also confirms that the natural beauty of this mountain is truly extraordinary. As mentioned above before, if Mount Gede Pangrango has the best place to enjoy Edelweiss. Yes, Surya Kencana Square is a place where you can see the expanse of Edelweiss Flower Garden. In this place there are also many climbers who take the time to camp. Many climbers are hypnotized by all the beauty of "Surya Kencana Square" which is the best place to enjoy everlasting flowers, the Edelweiss Flower. Mount Pangrango has never erupted. This can be proven that Mount Pangrango has a cone peak and is still relatively smooth, but unlike Mount Pangrango, Mount Gede erupted hundreds of years ago, this can be proven that Mount Gede has several active craters such as Wadon Crater, Ratu Crater, Baru Crater, and  Lanang Crater.
Mount Gede Pangrango National Park is also inhabited by many endangered species, including Javanese Baboons, Surung Lutung, Ajag Wild Dogs, Javanese Eagles, black tree tigers and black brown patterned, and a type of flying squirrel that is rarely seen with the naked eye. Around Mount Gede Pangrango there are several adventure destinations that are also very interesting to explore, namely the Jungle Canopy Trail, Blue Lagoon, and Cibeureum Waterfall.



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